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Education is the Key to Understanding

Family Holiday

NAMI Ending the Silence for Families is a free 1 -hour mental health education presentation for parents and caregivers to help them better understand the emotional and behavioral difficulties that may be early warning signs of mental health conditions in children and adolescents. This program works hand-in-hand with the presentations for students and educators to help foster conversations, improve understanding, and decrease the stigma that often surrounds mental health conditions.

The program covers issues frequently faced by  parents and other family caregivers to give them a better understanding of:

  • The facts about mental health and youth

  • The early warning signs of a mental health condition

  • How to work with schools to support their child's education

  • Resources available in the community

  • The perspective of a teacher with concerns about a student

​​ “I love that this program exists for parents. Having this information presented so clearly is very helpful.” 
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