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General Meetings

NAMI North Texas holds regular meetings on the second Thursday of the Month to provide additional education about mental-health related topics.

Want to watch some of our previous meetings? Visit our YouTube page linked below!

Autism Spectrum Disorder: An Overview of the Diagnosis and Current Supports and Services
Prioritizing Mental Health in an Overscheduled Culture

Prioritizing Mental Health in an Overscheduled Culture

We live in a culture that values being busy. The stigma around mental health is improving, yet the willingness to prioritize mental health over extracurriculars, work, and life in general still hasn't caught up. The data on youth and college-aged mental health shows the importance of accessing mental health services proactively, yet we still see more youth end up in the hospitals year over year. We will talk about some of these trends and educate the audience on the various levels of care and how to create a culture that prioritizes mental health. SPEAKERS: Ann Matino- Ann Matino, LCSW, has worked in the behavioral health field for more than 30 years. She currently serves as the Clinical Director for Charlie Health. Her career experiences include direct care, Clinical Director and Executive Director positions in psychiatric hospitals, residential treatment facilities and intensive outpatient environments. Ann is passionate about providing excellent clinical care through supporting and training staff, creating efficient and effective systems, and utilizing evidence based compassionate treatment of clients and their families. Geanne Weaver-Hepler- Geanne is the Director of Clinical Outreach for Charlie Health. Having spent the last 10 years in alternative education settings and as a trained school counselor she has seen the intersection of academics and mental health for many students. She now helps educate the community and serves as a resource for families who historically have been underserved and who have had barriers to accessing quality, evidence-based treatment.
Legal Aid of Northwest Texas
What to Expect- Alyse Ferguson Chief Attorney MHMC
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