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Silence Can be a Threat to Hope

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NAMI Ending the Silence for Students is an innovative 50-minute presentation that helps middle and high school students better understand mental health. Students learn early warning signs of a potential mental health issue and are given ideas about how to help themselves, friends, or family members who may be in need of support.

The presentation includes personal testimony from a young adult who shares an authentic journey of courage and recovery in his/her experience with mental health challenges, as well as educational slides, videos and discussion. 

Why Ending The Silence Matters

  • 1 in 5 kids experiences a mental health condition; only 50% of them actually get help

  • About 50% of students ages 14+ with a mental health condition will drop out of school

  • Suicide is the second-leading cause of death for 15-24 year olds

  • The earlier the better: early identification and intervention provides better outcomes

​What Your Students Will Hear
Ending the Silence delivers a message of hope and recovery, helping to end stigma and empower safe, open communication around mental health conditions. Moving stories from positive role models have the power to change kids' views. The discussion gives students the rare opportunity to ask questions about mental health challenges to people who have lived it.  ​ The presentation’s message of empathy and hope encourages students to actively care for themselves and their friends. It also teaches them it's okay to talk about what they're feeling. NAMI Ending the Silence covers:

  • Early warning signs of declining mental health

  • Facts and statistics about youth and mental health conditions

  • Personal perspectives on the experience of living with mental illness

  • Recovery and coping strategies

  • When, where and how to get help for themselves or their friends

What Your Students Will Receive
Resources they can use if they have concerns or questions about mental health, including:

  • Contact information for mental health agencies and youth support services

  • A list warning signs of declining mental health

  • Recommendations on  how to help themselves or a friend who is experiencing mental health problems

Research on the Effectiveness of Ending the Silence for Middle and High School Students

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"This program will prevent many people from feeling alone or having suicidal thoughts."
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