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Sharonda Young Calderon

ShaRonda Young Calderon is a mental health advocate that lives in the DFW Metroplex with her three children.  In June of 2018, ShaRonda lost her husband, Deputy Homero Calderon, to suicide.  Homero, an 18yr veteran of the Dallas County Sheriff Dept, suffered with PTSI.  ShaRonda has used the traumatic loss of her husband as a catalyst to educate and spread awareness of mental health and suicide prevention within the law enforcement community.

 She joined the organization Blue H.E.L.P., which focuses on breaking the stigma of mental health as well as providing comfort to the families left behind after the loss from a suicide.  She quickly became a guest, as well as served on the committee of several mental wellness workshops and conferences.  She has volunteered with organizations such as the National Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the One Tribe Foundation.  ShaRonda has coordinated awareness walks, fundraising events, and is currently working on Blue H.E.L.P.'s first camp for the children of Police Officer suicides.

ShaRonda has a degree in Criminal Justice from Dallas Baptist University.  The loss of her husband has ignited a passion in her to be an advocate for mental health, which has currently led her to pursue advanced studies in psychology.  It is now her life's mission to continuously educate herself, as well as others.  ShaRonda understands the difficulties living with mental health issues, suicide, the affect it has on families and the stigma surrounding it.

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