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Dr. Joseph Guillory


Dr. Joseph Guillory was born and raised in Lake Charles, Louisiana, where he first encountered health disparities and social injustice. Determined to improve the circumstances of underserved communities, he pursued higher education and advocacy opportunities at Baylor University and then McGovern Medical School in Houston, TX. While at McGovern, he decided to devote his professional career to serving individuals who live with mental health conditions and their families through psychiatry.

During his adult psychiatry residency at the University of Texas at Southwestern (UTSW), he began seeking opportunities to serve others outside of the confines of the clinical setting through volunteering with NAMI North Texas. His volunteering efforts included public speaking, community psychoeducation and engagement, and program development. He could better understand and support individuals with mental health conditions through his volunteer work.


Inspired by these experiences, his research interests aim to address health disparities and social injustice within the field of mental health. His “Recovery 101” project was specially recognized by Dallas County in 2019 and awarded a Texas Health and Human Services grant in 2020. He was also awarded the American College of Psychiatrists Laughlin Fellowship in 2020. He is currently a Child/Adolescent Fellow at UTSW, where he continues to serve, learn, advocate, and grow.

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