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Isaac Padilla

Isaac Padilla is the Managing Director and head of Project Management for RGD+B and Lucid, Inc. – sister design companies specializing in residential architecture and commercial architectural branding in Dallas, Texas. Former commercial clients include Ascension Coffee, Dallas Chop House, and Pizza Hut. Prior to his work with this group, he worked at 7-Eleven and served as the Franchising Marketing Manager for the US managing all marketing and advertising efforts for the franchise and business development teams – a role that didn’t exist before he came on board and one he crafted and created for the company. This work led him to travel across the US helping to franchise various 7-Eleven stores and to 7-Eleven Australia where he consulted the local team there on marketing and franchise recruiting efforts.

Isaac’s background is in operations and marketing. He started his career working at Cardinal Health as a Service Specialist before switching careers and working for CINCO, a boutique Hispanic advertising agency once located in downtown Dallas. While with CINCO he was able to work with national brands such as Cargill, Rent-A-Center and Cricket Wireless. Isaac’s experience in non-profit started when he worked with the Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center (DARCC) where he volunteered for many years and participated in various events for the American Heart Association and the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center.   Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and his work with DARCC, he’s been awakened by the importance of mental health and the stigma it sometimes has on the people that surround us. His mission is to de-stigmatize mental illness and advocate for education, compassion, understanding and resources to help those that may not be able to help themselves.

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