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Together We Can
Achieve More

If you are seeking support or need information on how to better manage a mental health challenge in yourself or a loved one, you are not alone. NAMI is here for you. NAMI supports and enriches your and your family's unique journey towards mental wellness. Our outstanding peer-led programs provide free education, skills training and support. 

We invite you to join our movement to ensure better lives for everyone. Together we can make mental health a priority and be part of the solution to solve one of the biggest problems we face as a nation.

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NAMI North Texas is a grassroots organization that provides education, support, advocacy, and public awareness to improve the lives of people living with mental health conditions and their family members.


NAMI North Texas empowers North Texans through our ongoing education, support, advocacy, and awareness initiatives.  We envision a stigma-free, supportive community where recovery is achievable and mental health services are accessible by all. 

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Cultivamos una comunidad de inclusión, valor y confianza.


Prometemos transparencia, autenticidad y equidad en nuestro servicio a la comunidad.


Honramos a cada persona y su viaje de recuperación.


Mantenemos un estándar de excelencia en nuestros esfuerzos por inspirar esperanza y fortaleza en los corazones de todos los tejanos del norte.

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